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The house is built of wood and the rooms are located right outside towards the exit of the home. You have private access to the room and Yolmi will be available if you need anything. There is an open community style kitchen where all of the community people like to gather and pray before they eat. The bathroom is located outside.

The rooms open into a beautiful yard that looks absolutely magnificent when viewed under the starry sky.Also the homestay is located at walking distance from the quarry and a small picnic area.


The Wah-iasih view point located in Phlongingkhaw Village is less than a kilometer from the homestay and has landscape views of the mountains that the guests can go on one of the evenings.

1. Niriang village is located approximately 6 kilometers from the homestay and a short trek uphill leads you to a point overlooking the distant identifiable view of the Umngot river.

2. Guests can go watch the locals as they farm and learn more about the up keeping of the farm. Rice, potato, maize are some of the common things grown in the farm.

3. Nartiang is one of the world’s oldest Monolith’s located 30 kilometers from the homestay.

4. Fine clay pottery is practiced widely by the local communities in Tyrshang village and Larnai village.

5. Ummulong market is located approximately 13 kilometers from the homestay and is a traditional market where one can find the local handicrafts and clothes along with locally sourced materials.

6. Syntu- ksiar is one of the memorials with a good view.

7. About 35 kilometers from the homestay is the Indigenous fish sanctuary.

8. Moopun waterfalls located approximately 50 kilometers from the homestay.

9. On the way to Dawki you can spend some time at the Krang- suri waterfalls

10. 15- 25 kilometers from the homestay, you can find locals practicing Organic agriculture.

11. on a stretch of paddy fields in the Sung valley.

12. 1.5 kilometers from the homestay is the Madur Village- On the way to the homestay you will pass through one of the oldest ruins and settlement of the old kingdom.

13. River Umngot- The river is a clear water.


All the vegetables are locally grown in the hosts backyard with varieties such as Cabbage, Cauliflower, Garlic, Sweet potato, Mustard, Ginger, Pumpkin, Radish, they grow different kinds of beans and Carrots too. The way of cooking is very subtle to taste as they avoid using ‘masalas’ and cook their food with as little spices as possible. They believe that spices only add to the taste and not to one’s health.One of the common dishes are cooked with Radish leaf. ‘Sla muli’ is a dish made with white sesame seeds and radish that has a pungent smell and a distinct taste. 

The meal prep happens in the kitchen by the fire where slow paced cooking is catalyzed by beautiful conversations.Their cooking style is quite unique compared to the standard recipes that are followed in the suburbs. One of the dish that stands out is made with ‘Matar’ (Peas)where the preparation involves slowly cooking the peas along with the tender skin of the peas. 

They also prepare a variety of tomatoes and spinach curries that are prepared by slowly cooking the peeled pulp of tomatoes in garlic.Afternoons are all about electric preteens running in the bylines and using bamboos to get ‘Sapa’ from the trees which is a bigger and tangier version of an orange. It is peeled and squashed along with shredded Mustard leaves, garlic and coriander. The mixture is sprinkled with a pinch of salt and eaten as a snack. The initial taste might be startling considering it has a sharp, tangy and spicy texture but it leaves your taste buds oddly satisfied.


1. Yolmi can take you to the church every Sunday where you get to experience the community meetings that are so well organized and have equal participation from every community member.You will be able to see the coordination between all the people in the most smooth possible manner.

2. You can visit the market with Yolmi where you can see how the farmers bring in their harvest in hopes to sell it and make sufficient amounts of money to survive for the next few weeks.

3. Madur village that has a significant history to it is another place that is nearby and Yarlis can accompany you while telling you about the battle that was fought and won on the land.


Hot Water
Secure Parking
Village Walk/Tea Estate


By Road:

From Jorhat: Take a bus to Guwahati from Jorhat, it takes 6 hours to reach after which you can take a shared rickshaw to Shillong that takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to reach.After reaching Shillong, Take a cab to Jowai. The host will come pick you up from there.

From Delhi: Reach Guwahati, It takes 35 Hours to reach after which you can take a shared rickshaw to Shillong that takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to reach.After reaching Shillong, Take a cab to Jowai. The host will come pick you up from there.

By Train:Guwahati Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Shillong, which is about 135 km away.


Yolmi is the host here and she is extremely nurturing, make sure that you are prepared to be taken care of just like Yolmi’s own daughter because she believes in the kind of hospitality that makes one feel like they are a part of the family. Yolmi loves making tea and sometimes she makes way too much, because one can never have enough tea!Spending time with Yolmi you will get a new perspective on life because she is a very happy person.Does not mean she did not have her fair share of bad times.She just chose to overlook all of the limitations and stuck to her goals.Today she has her own house and lives the life she worked hard for.

About the Property Owner

Theresa Muroh

All prices include taxes