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Lumtshering Organic Farmhouse is a beautiful Sikkim homestay that is taken care of by Tshering Lepcha. Located in the North District, it is a 4-year-old Homestay property built in a Contemporary style using Wood. Inhabitants of the village lead a self-sustained lifestyle as most other Sikkimese do.


The house is completely built with Bamboo and straw, traditionally designed by the Lepcha communities with 2 rooms with double beds and attached bathrooms. The room opens up into the orange plantations.


They cultivate their own food using organic manure and live stocks are grass-fed and also fed with maize. Local people in Lum, produce oranges on a large scale along with other vegetables. The food is mostly slow-cooked. Chee (made from fermenting millets) and Aarack (made from Cinnamon plant) are locally brewed liquors and are completely organic.


The village houses all Lepcha people who are the traditional dwellers of the Dzongu region for centuries. They are the worshippers of nature in her many hues and have always served as guardians to the Dzongu’s flora and fauna. They are known for their immense amounts of knowledge and wisdom of natural remedies along with their ability to be resourceful with bamboo for building their homes and musical instruments.


Off Street Parking


Tshering Lepcha , the owner , has been living in the North District for 30 years. Primarily a Homestay Owner, your host is much loved by the tourists and has gotten several recommendations. Visitors feel at home under their care and take back home beautiful memories from this wonderful homestay.

About The Host

Tshering Lepcha