Hidden Hamlet - Kalang

Hidden Hamlet - Kalang

Himachal Pradesh


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Kalang is the tiniest village in the Parashar region, home to only 5-6 households and is a very secluded spot. Kalang is a very secluded village consisting of just 10 households. It is right opposite the Parashar Lake and offers absolutely terrific views of the lake along with far-fetched layers of mountains that you can just stare at for ages!


Enchanted Escape is a beautiful traditional house built in an authentic Pahadi architectural style with wood, stones and mud.  Spend your days sipping your hot beverage, relaxing and staring afar at the panoramic views of the mountainscape and the magnificent Parashar Lake.

Into The Wild  is located just at the centre of the village, at the edge of a hill, with far reaching views of greenery and mountains. The sunsets and sunrises you will witness from here will leave you awestruck. The stay is a beautiful wooden crafted house, with authentic Pahadi architectural style in use.


They are self-sufficient in terms of the food they eat, and will serve you with delectable farm to table Pahadi meals as you sit down with them to eat.


Story-telling sessions with the locals
You can dive into the soul of this village by immersing and interacting with the locals who are well-versed in their ancestral folklore and learn more about their beliefs and values. Having a conversation will help you get a better idea of the village while you gain more knowledge!

Village Walks

Taking a walk around the village is undoubtedly the best way to explore and learn more about the culture and heritage. Kalang is home to ancient rustic homes with eccentric designs that you wouldn’t have spotted elsewhere! With vivid descriptions and explanations, you will gain a first-hand experience of all they have to offer.

Organic Farm tours in and around the village

Immerse yourself in the Arts and Science of Organic Farming through the local community. Our guides can take you through the do’s and don'ts. It’s the best time to learn the various techniques and methods used, what one requires and how to get started. This holistic approach to farming can help you pursue a new hobby while picking up the basics, like crop diversity and rotation and weed suppression.

Sing and Dance to the tunes of Pahari Nati

Nati is the traditional folk dance native to Himachal Pradesh. The term is used for both music and dance. If you love to dance, you definitely shouldn’t miss out! According to local people, Nati generally has stories which are narrated through songs. The locals dance in groups to the tunes of various local instruments and dialects. You can find this dance form either at a marriage or fair

Pahadi Chulha Meals

Needless to say, meals cooked over the chulha are scrumptious. You can taste the various local himachali cuisines and also try your hand at making a few!


Clear skies enable you to catch beautiful star trails! If you’re into astronomy, then it’s just a bonus because you can spot constellations like you’ve never seen before. So just lie down, watch the stars and revel in the artistry of nature!


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Kuram Dev & Bimla Devi, the host of Enchanted Escape, have been living in Kalang for years.Kuram Dev's family will expose you to their home life and present you with their daily Pahadi experiences in the best possible way. His son, Jonty, is a trekking expert and will guide you with his vast knowledge about Kalang's natural biodiversity.

The host of Into the Wild, Lal Singh is a hard working farmer, living with his small loving family. His wife, Beena, is a sweet woman and takes care of the household and their children with warmth and patience. They are fun loving and cheerful, and believe in leading a stress free life.Just staying with them will be an experience as they will involve you in their day to day activities, and you'll learn a lot about the Pahadi lifestyle.


You can take a local bus uptil Parashar and then hire a local car till Kalang or choose to trek.

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Enchanted Escape- Kuram Dev & Bimla Devi,
Into the Wild- Lal Singh & Beena ji