Dragung House

Dragung House

Jammu and Kashmir


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There is a lively communal sitting area and a rooftop whose 360-degree panoramic view is among the best you’ll find in this small quintiles village.

The food is served in a community-style kitchen where everyone gathers around and eats their food.

- We cook organic food using produce fresh from our garden, promising a healthy local meal. Ladaki food is something you shouldn't shy away from, the local bread, apricot Jam is something to crave for. Don’t ask for fancy food as we love our guests who appreciate our host families. Remember; to see the best of a place, live like the local does.

- In Alchi, one can visit the Sumtsek Temple, Vairocana Temple, Lo Tsawa Temple, Manjushree Temple, Kangyur Temple with Stupas, Monk Cells, etc. Beautiful wood carving arts, huge Tibetan Styled models of Buddha, Manjushree, and historic wall paintings of Buddha's teachings within a very calm, quiet, pristine ambiance made Alchi more valuable. There are five shrines in the Choskor temple complex which have some splendid wall paintings. One of its walls features thousands of miniature-sized pictures of the Buddha. It is a perfect place to relax and experience the quintessential Buddhist monastery.


How to reach:- Alchi is 63Km from the main town of Leh. A minibus plies between Leh and Alchi once daily. The bus departs around 8:00 am from the new bus stand near Handicraft Training Center, Leh. The same bus returns from Alchi at 3:00 pm. Leh-Alchi buses are punctual.

The bus travels along the roads winding through Leh town and Srinagar-Leh Highway (National Highway (NH) 1) via Skalzangling, Rinchen Chowk, Rinchen Auditorium, Hall of Fame, Air Force Station, Spituk, Umla, Pathar Sahib Gurudwara, Nimu, University of Kashmir (Leh), Basgo, and Saspol.

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Tashi Tsomo