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Chirping Valley View is a beautiful Uttarakhand homestay that is taken care of by Dinesh Chandra. It is a picturesque
village, and you will catch yourself gasping at the colorful houses against the backdrop of the thick forest as you proceed closer to your destination. The village has a character as each house is colored in distinctive bright colors. The road to the village is a bit rough and could get inaccessible during rains, but the warm hospitality of the hosts and villagers makes the journey worthwhile. The village is also en route to Kalpeshwa temple which is one of the five panch Kedars of Uttarakhand where the matted hair (jata) of Lord Shiva are prayed under a stone cave.


Urgam Village Stay is located near Urgam. The homestay has 5 rooms which give basic amenities. 

Homemade Veg Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are available at the homestay. They serve a generous spread of delicious authentic food, prepared with lots of warmth and love for their guests.


Urgam is one of those places which will make you feel belonged, immediately. The valley is so 
picturesque that every turn in the village is going to be a frame. Most of the travelers and tourists come here to visit the Kalpeshwar temple, one of the five panch-kedars in the region. It is the only one which is accessible throughout the year. The temple is an hour trek (mild) to the temple, and you will witness layers and layers of mountains fading behind eachother, walking to your destination. There is a massive waterfall too, near the temple. Marveled at the furiously rushing rivers from the Himalayas running at the base throughout the journey? This is where you can also walk down to the river. For those of you with a wanderlust soul, Urgam has mystical treks taking you across grassland and pine forests. One such trek is to ‘Banga Pani’(curve water).


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Village Walk
Common Sitting area


Dinesh Chandra, the owner, has been living in Chamoli for years. Primarily a Homestay Owner, your host is much loved by the tourists and has gotten several recommendations. Visitors feel at home under their care and take back home beautiful memories from this wonderful homestay.


The closest railway station is Rishikesh, the closest bus stand is Rishikesh and the closest airport is Jolly Grant. Our host will coordinate with you to post your booking.

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Dinesh Chandra