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Akash Ganga Homestay is a beautiful Uttarakhand homestay that is taken care of by Ashish Rana. Located in Rudraprayag district it is an 85-year-old ancestral property built in a contemporary style using wood and brick. Nestled at an altitude of 1808 meters and surrounded by snow-capped mountains, this NOM homestay is named after a nearby river - Akash Ganga. The host, Ranaji, believes Akash Ganga is the perfect name for his home because it has a similar essence.


Akash Ganga Homestay is located near Huddu. The homestay has 3 rooms which give basic amenities like heater,  etc and can accommodate a maximum of 10 travelers. The roof of the house is made up of stones which are replaced every few years. To the left of the house are terrace gardens and to the right is a dense forest that has monkeys tumbling around the property. The overall view from the property is majestic with a layer of lofty mountains blanketed by clouds.


Organic Veg/Non-Veg Breakfast Lunch Dinner is available at the homestay. We serve authentic North Indian food.


Ever woken up to a snow-capped view of the mountains, in a cozy warm hut? Or lived in an organic and sustainable surrounding? This lesser-known village in the interiors of Garhwal lets you dive into the earthy experiences of the terrain. From the village trek to Devratal, Chopta-Tungnath, Chandrasheela, and Madhyamaheshwar. Apart from all the walking and hiking around the village, you could also engage in activities such as bird-watching, fishing, and organic farming. Learning the beautiful Garhwali dialect is always an option. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, Akash Ganga provides you with a warm and welcoming stay designed with basic living conditions.


Hot Water
Off Street Parking
Village Walk
Home cooked meal


Ashish Rana, the owner, has been living in Rudraprayag for 30 years. Primarily an Electrician they have been managing this property for the last 3 years.


Akash Ganga Homestay is 48.6 km from the nearest town of Ukhimath. The closest railway station is Haridwar, the closest bus stand is Uahmith and the closest airport is Dehradun. Our host will coordinate with you to post your booking.

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Ashish Rana

Dr Ravi
Dr Ravi
Kerala- TripAdvisor
IDEAL PLACE TO RELAX AND UNWIND IN NATURES LAP The concept of holiday varies from people to people but if one wants to just relax in a peaceful place in natures lap with very minimal modern and artificial infrastructure/ gadgets interference then this is one of the best places in Chamba region. None of the hotels or homestays in Khajjiar and Dalhousie can replace the natural beauty of this place. You will not get the typical 5star like artificial modern infrastructure but the natures best you get. Staff hospitality is good. Always ready to serve you good tasty homely food anytime. Wether you are a solo traveler or with family and kids everyone will like this place. There is a lot to learn for children from this place which they will never see in a city. There is a river and water fall through the H2o house. I used take bath everyday in the river it was very refreshing. Everywhere there were variety of fruit trees, farm fields maize plants. There is 24 hrs soothing music of waterfall, birds chirping which is the best place for meditation and mind healing. It’s advisable to stay in the garden or along the river during day time and go to the room only for sleeping. Vikas can entertain you with his music on guitar in evening. One can go for short trekking to the mountains and village tour with the staff. Had stayed here for 4 days with my family and parents and will definitely come back again for a longer stay.