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Adhomoo Homestay is a beautiful Sikkim homestay that is taken care of by Sonam Lepcha. Located in North Sikkim district it is a 1-year-old property built in a modern style using wood. The stay is around a natural reserve of the Lepcha people in Dzongu. It falls entirely in the Kanchenjunga biosphere reserve with the far fringes in the Kanchenjunga national park. This hamlet is often ignored by the tourists but the real beauty lies in the surrounding destinations of Lachen, Lachung, Yumthang valley and Gurudrongmar Lake Inhabitants of the village consider the Folklore and lepcha teachings a lot and your stay with them will allow you to experience this, this village holds a big significance to the Lepchas of Sikkim with each place having its own story attached to it.


Adhomoo Homestay is located near Lum-Gor Sangtog GPU. 


You get to experience the local culture in every small habit of the locals living here, for example you will be able to see the wide practice of serving ‘Chi’ which is considered to be a religious practice where an alcoholic beverage brewed from millet is said to have a divine origin wherein, the recipe has been brought from a sorceress in the netherworld by a cockroach.
-Chi or the fermented beverage is as symbolic as the blood that flows through the body in Lepcha culture


Experience the bóngthíng religious practice (usually male) or a mun (usually female) who are healers, exorcists, nature worshipers/guardians, and responsible for guiding the dead to the afterlife.
The old people and young folk alike join hands to sing, dance and indulge in merry making. Traditional Lepcha traditional dance forms are showcased here. This famous folk dance of Lepcha community shows normal activities such as sowing, reaping and harvesting of paddy. The graceful movements of male and female dancers become more noticeable with the background of pleasant
- Experience the Lepcha language which is now to be seen in very few parts of India.


Common Sitting area
Home cooked meal
Mountain View
Guided treks


Sonam Lepcha, the owner, has been living in North Sikkim for years. 


Adhomoo Homestay is 60 km from the nearest town of Gangtok. The closest railway station is Siliguri, the closest bus stand is Gangtok and the closest airport is Bagdogra. Our host will coordinate with you post your booking.

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Sonam Lepcha