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Community Library & Storytelling Session

For the inquisitive and book-loving kids of Chaminoo Village, Himachal Pradesh.

Meet Anoop Chugh and Jasmine Kochar

We were thrilled to have Anoop Chugh and Jasmine Kochar from the Kahani Ki Dukaan Foundation at one of our oldest homestays, Rafi’s House in the Chaminoo Village of Himachal Pradesh.

Keeping in mind their commitment towards creating rural libraries, an interactive storytelling session for kids was conducted, with the focus on helping children expressing themselves better. A lot of stories were shared, with the children really enjoying and actively interacting throughout.

Painting sessions were held, where the kids were inspired to create and express themselves through art. To make the session more interesting, there was a special game where the children acted out their names and tried to communicate in a fun and interesting way.

In order to keep the spirit of storytelling burning inside of them, Kahani ki Dukaan also set up a library in the homestay for children. The library has books for the children to read, as well as coloring books, paints, and colors for children to create art.

It was an amazing experience where we spent a lot of fun time with the children and where we not only shared stories but also made memories.

About Kahani ki Dukaan

Kahani Ki Dukaan Foundation is a Rural creative expression hub | story project | art gallery | rural library | art residency based out of Gunehar in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. They are known for turning local stories into theatre and art.

We are truly delighted to have them with us.

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