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Explore Majuli, Assam!

The Largest Riverine Island in the World

North-East India is a travel wonderland, with its majestic mountains, enchanting valleys, thick forests, and many more. But have you ever come across the name of Majuli Island, a hidden gem in Assam? No? Then you're missing out on something magical!

At the heart of Assam and on the tumultuous waters of Brahmaputra River, lies the mystical island of Majuli. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Majuli is the largest river island in the entire world! How amazing is that!

Away from the overwhelming hustles of city life, Majuli welcomes you to a slow and relaxed rural lifestyle. As you step into Majuli, you'll be blown away by the sheer expanse of lush greenery all around and the cute little bamboo huts bordering the island.

Majuli is wrapped in its own unique history and rich culture and rightly known as the cultural capital of Assam. It is a unique getaway presenting you with the best of Mother Nature and the diverse culture that resides within it.

With picturesque expanses of lush green paddy fields & the sonorous sounds of the river flowing nearby, Majuli is sure to take you on a ride for an unique escapade. Dive in!

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Here are top unique experiences you can immerse yourself in while your beautiful stay at Majuli:

Explore the Rural & Tribal Life

Majuli is mostly inhabited by the tribal communities, and has a unique daily life and culture. Explore the true essence of the indigenous rural lifestyle and gather deep insights into the day-to-day life of the locals and the myriad community culture and customs.

You can have your morning chai at the local tea shop, get into interesting discussions with locals, walk around the village taking in the peaceful nature of rural life, and make memories of a lifetime!

Abode of Sattriya Nritya

Quite naturally, Majuli is called the cultural capital of Assam, and is home to the Sattriya Culture. Sattriya Nritya is a dance-drama performance which flourished as part of the Srimanta Sankardeva-led Bhakti movement (also called Neo-Vaishnavism) in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

It is an artistic way of presenting religious and mythological teachings in an understandable and enjoyable way, through song, dance & drama performance.

Bless your eyes with this mystical dance form and move to the rhythm of Sattriya dance and songs.

Visit the enchanting Satras

Satras are the culturally rich monasteries of the Vaishnavite tradition in Assam, and these expose you to a world of religious wonder and peace.

Satras are the hub of religious culture, architectural styles, music & dance, various craftforms, and many more. You can visit numerous of these Satra spread across the island - Kamalabari Satra, Dakshinapat Satra, Ayuniati Satra, Samaguri Satra.

Immerse yourself into rich spiritual learnings and feel the peaceful silence of the monasteries.

Mukha Bhaona - Traditional Sustainable Mask Making

Majuli holds a special place for wonderful craftsmanship and art forms. One such craft is the making of Mukha Bhaona.

The term 'bhaona' has been derived from the Sanskrit word 'bhavna', which means emotion. These masks express the navarasa (nine poetic emotions) that are impossible for the bhaoriyas (actors) to express with bare faces.

This traditional mask making is an intrinsic part of the Sattriya arts & culture. It is mainly made of bamboo and wood, and a lot of creativity goes into it in terms of the bright beautiful colours and designs used to depict the faces of religious gods.

Bamboo Craft Artshop

Bamboo is an integral part of Assam vegetation, and with it comes its significance as a raw material for creating & innovating diverse traditional arts and crafts.

Get a look around the local Bamboo art shops, and gain a deeper understanding of the diverse craft items that's on display. Bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly, and creating decorative items out of it is a crucial part of Assam economy.

Support local artforms as you take back beautiful souvenirs from these local shops, and add an aesthetic & cultural value to your life.

Traditional Fishing in Brahmaputra waters

Have you ever indulged in fishing activities in your life? Yes or no, you'll love it to your very core!

A guided fishing experience, with the help of a local expert fisherman, will surely take you for a journey beyond words. A dynamic experience to be retold as you move on in your travels.

The peaceful surroundings of the island, the soothing sounds of the lapping river water, your hands clutching the fishing nets as you stand on the boat, ready to throw the net into the water - an exhilarating experience while you learn a new skill.

River Boating

The river waters surrounding Majuli Island are peaceful and fresh. It zig zags its way into the island and creates river ways for boats to travel from one point to another.

Take a tour of the mystic island in the local boats, with lush green banks on both sides to keep you company. It's an amazing way to get to know Majuli Island, with all its beautiful natural landscapes & rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

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Get ready for an experience of a lifetime, as you tread through the indigenous rural lifestyle of the Majuli Island, and revel in the serene beauty & natural views of this hidden gem of a place.