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Ladakh- Where to go?

Visit Ladakh and stay in traditional homestays in beautiful valleys

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Writer, Traveller, Nomad

Ladakh is a heaven for people who love the mountains. The surreality of India's coldest desert is unparalleled and is definitely one of a kind. It is surrounded by the majestic Himalayas and the Karakoram range and houses several unique cultures and tribes. One of the world’s most exotic places and certainly considered an exotic trip in India, visiting and experiencing Ladakhi culture is everyone’s dream. The nature, geography, climate and culture, everything here is amazing and bewildering. From it’s frozen glaciers, expansive blue lakes, and beautiful sand dunes, to the majestic mountain tops, standing on the top of the world’s highest plateau surely makes you feel like heaven is here on earth. 

Ladakhi’s are essentially spiritual and have age-old rituals passing on from many generations. They live in their own world and have their own set of unique traditions and customs. They are essentially simple people, unencumbered by modern lifestyle and technology. The architecture of Ladakh houses and monasteries are deeply influenced by Tibetan culture. Their culture and customs are also influenced by Tibetan culture but they have their own traditions as well. Their beliefs are simple yet their lives are majestic, it truly inspires a traveler who is seeking wisdom and knowledge. 

Imagine living in Ladakh with the local’s of Ladakh! There is possibly no better way to immerse yourself in their culture and know their life from the roots. NotOnMap has thus opened up the doors of locals to explorers of the world who can come here and contribute to the community as well. There is nothing better than sharing knowledge and that is what we aim to practice and preach.

Our homestays are spread across six districts of Leh-Ladakh

Nubra Valley-

150 km north of Leh where the rivers Shyok and Siachen meet, lies the famous Nubra Valley. This valley is known as the orchard of Ladakh due to the various kinds of flowers you find here. In the wintertime's, Nubra valley looks like it is the landscape of the moon but in summers it’s flowing with flowers and greenery.  This valley separates Ladakh from the Karakoram Ranges and the famous Karakoram Pass of the 'Silk Route' lies northwest, which connects Nubra with Xinjiang. This valley is mainly occupied by Buddhists and has a lot of Buddhist centres of learning. Stay in ancient Ladakhi homes with the local people and experience this beautiful valley from in-depth. 

Zanskar Valley-

A remote and untouched beauty, Zanskar valley is a place where one escapes to reconnect with themselves. It has just been opened to tourism for 20 years and has become a hotspot for explorers and travelers. The drive to Zanskar is through bare land with sparsely any vegetation and looming mountain ranges. This valley is for the person who loves some quiet and peace. The perfect place to meditate, write a book, explore by yourself and reconnect with your soul, Zanskar offers you not just a holiday but a revelation. We have quiet a lot of homestays to choose from in this village as well, each offering you different views but the same amount of love and hospitality. Our hosts are known to welcome guests into their homes with a bountiful of love. You will feel like you’re just at home here with them. 

Pangong and Beyond-

The beautiful lake, Pangong Tso that Ladakh is famous for, continues unhindered through the expansive stretches of Ladakh’s cold desert terrain. Its cobalt tinged waters have allured many an explorer from around the world to its shores. Vast sand flats and majestic mountaintops and unseen and unheard stays. Unmapped territories that are even foreign to many a traveler, we have found those for you. Beyond the usual lies the unseen and unheard side of Ladakh. Explore the village of Mann, Merak and Spangmik with NotOnMap homestays and experience a life you never thought you would live. 

Indus Valley-

Everyone knows about the Indus Valley civilization. It is one of the most ancient, advanced and mysterious civilizations that developed along the banks of the Indus river and grew to be one of the most renowned civilizations in history. The destination today is a popular tourist spot and a haven for archaeologists and historians. The Indus valley is the largest valley in Ladakh and boasts of a scenic view and ancient relics and history that is still available for tourists to see. If you are visiting Ladakh, Indus valley is a must-visit, not only is it culturally and naturally beautiful, it also plays a significant  part of our history.

Suru Valley-

Suru Valley is one of the unexplored villages of Ladakh. This valley is inhabited by people of Dard and Tibetan descent. Its landscape is beautiful with lush green valleys, pristine rivers and towering snow-capped mountains, this is a peaceful and secluded place to go off when you want to take the road unexplored. This valley has a mixture of Turkish and Tibetan architecture which is unique. There’s a lot of monasteries and beautiful quaint villages in this valley to explore and get lost. 


Kargil has its own historical place in Indian history and thus is a tourist hotspot. It is also well known for its scenic beauty and for the adventure sports that are prevalent here. You can go skiing, mountaineering and hiking easily and enjoy the mountains at its best. This place is an important district in Ladakh and is a must-visit for explorers who are looking for more than just scenic beauty. With its rich historical background, it is a treat for historians and history enthusiasts. 

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Writer, Traveller, Nomad

A free soul in love with the mountains and nature, Aratrika started writing as a career after graduating with Journalism and Mass Com.