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10 tricks of Travelling Cheap

The way to travel more is to save more

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Writer, Traveller, Nomad

The more you travel, the more knowledge you will gain. This is not just a philosophy but also a fact. Not only will you be able to gain philosophical knowledge, but you are also likely to seek out money-saving deals and travel hacks. Travelling is a trial and error form of art, but there are always some things you can take precautions about before you start on your journey because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

1. Book your tickets early:

Last-minute ticket booking is really expensive that can cut a hole in your pocket. This unnecessary expense can be avoided by booking tickets well in advance. You can book your tickets online through several applications yourself, this way the expense of a travel agent can be avoided.

2. Preplan your Trip:

 You can save some money by Pre-planning your trips, booking everything online and being prepared. This way you can use the Long weekends, discounts for early hotel bookings and a safe budget to carry with you so you are prepared for everything.

3. Research and Review 

Always try to know the place you are visiting thoroughly. Read blogs online, check out the views, the reviews, hotels, local language, local culture, you can also get some expert opinion from well-known travelers. Knowledge about the place is not only a safe choice for you but also for your pocket.

4. Travel, don’t Vacation:

Yes, there is a difference. When you are on a vacation you just want to spend your days in an expensive hotel, eat expensive meals laze around. Instead of doing a vacation, you can save your money by staying and eating at budget places and using the saved up money to travel to more places.

5. Carry what you need:

Packing right saves you a lot of money. Pre Plan what you are going to pack. Avoid packing too less so you’ll have to shop, or too much that you’ll have to get porters to carry for you. Pack your basic toiletries, basic clothes that you can reuse and wear. Pack a washing powder so you can wash your clothes yourself. This way you can skip laundry costs. Always keep in mind that you have to pack within the flight limit if you are travelling via a flight because extra luggage costs a lot at the airport. 

6. Eat what you need to when you need to:

Visiting a place is about eating the local food, but if you want to save money you should eat at your meal timings and not indulge in sporadic untimely binge eating. When you are travelling it is always advisable to carry fresh fruits, biscuits, or anything that you can keep in your backpack that and won’t rot or spill. 

7. Pack for the place:

Research about the place, the temperature that is going to be when you are visiting and everything you should carry. Don’t pack two flimsy sweaters when you are planning to go on a trek in the snow because you will have to buy the appropriate clothes to survive their anyway. To not spend extra on these, research about what clothes you should pack. Pack essential gear as well, because even walking sticks, raincoats, extra towels or terrain shoes are charged, which you can avoid by packing right. 

8. Know the Prices:

The cost of things at your local shop and the cost of the same product elsewhere may vary. Try to know about the local costs of products that you might require and carry whatever you can. Don’t overspend on souvenir shopping, rather than that you can buy things people need which are cheaper at the place you are visiting. This way you can spend tactfully and cut costs.

9. Be aware of your surrounding:

You can never know enough about a place, irrespective of the amount of research you do. Always be cautious because you can face unplanned challenges anytime, anywhere. Remain alert and be cautious of your personal belongings, don’t carry very expensive things and pack your valuables in a secret place. Observe your surroundings when you are travelling alone, and trust your instincts, they are more than often right. 

10. Sustainable Travel: 

Sustainable Travel is actually the number one Travel hack. Sustainable travel tells you to take a train or a bus over a flight, which is not only more costly but it is also bad for the environment. Travel in shared cabs instead of a personal vehicle, this way you can save your money and save fossil fuels at the same time. Sustainable travel is a green and clean mode of travelling which is not only planet-friendly but also pocket friendly. 

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Aratrika Bhattacharya

Writer, Traveller, Nomad

A free soul in love with the mountains and nature, Aratrika started writing as a career after graduating with Journalism and Mass Com.