The Hippie Home

The Hippie Home

Near Kullu

spend your weekend like a hippie in the last village of Kullu valley
Starts from ₹1200/ Day

Nestled high on Kais Mountain of Kullu Valley, with inimitable and panoramic views sits ’The Hippie Home’ of hand-built wooden architecture, similar to that of ancient houses of the region. Now a wilderness retreat, the ‘Hippie Home’ situated in the last village of the valley, is a celebration of the region’s old architecture and opening to one of the most rugged and pristine wildernesses of Kullu Valley. Surrounded by mountains, the Homestay offers a splendid view of Dhauladhar ranges from its front face and Pir Panjal ranges from its back, making it one of the best Homestays in Kullu.

Situated on the mountains top, ‘The Hippie Home’ is in the village called “Sour” which is said to be the last village of Kullu Valley. With a wooden architecture and incredible view of mountains in front and at back, the ‘Hippie Home’ is a deep reverence for nature with a harmonious, inspired design, rewarding guests with an immersion in the great outdoors.
The Homestay is comprised of 8 fully furnished rooms out of which 6 rooms are fully functional, as in the 2 rooms out 8 the hosts live themselves and a large dormitory designed to make larger groups and families welcome. As the Homestay is made with traditional ancient architecture, therefore it does not have separate washrooms with each room. For all the rooms there are 2 common washrooms and two toilets. The Homestay is made of wood and stone which perfectly keeps the rooms cool in summers and warm in winters. Their open terrace area gives a clear view of Dhauladhar Mountains just in front of you which is a perfect location to rejuvenate yourself in the mountain freshness away from the fumes of city.
The owners of the Homestay also hosts people coming for exchange programs from India and internationally.

The hosts have organic farms and apple orchards of their own and most of the raw vegetables for the guests are sourced from their own farm. If you are coming for an exchange program and planning to stay here for long then you will be served with delectable local cuisines like a thali of rice grow in their own farm, dal, a dry vegetable and chapatti etc. What adds to the taste of each meal is that it is purely organic food, authentic and made with simplicity and local spices.
For their regular guests, they have a special menu with all kinds of food. But, do try their local cuisines like ‘Siddu’, from their menu. Their open terrace restaurant is a perfect spot to savor the scrumptious dishes of the region with a jawdropping view on front of you.

‘The Hippie Home’ is a place where mountains are big and the sky is even bigger, stretching above the wilderness of Kais Mountain. Venture out from your room to explore the beautiful trail, waterfalls and treks. You can hike to Jana waterfall which is just 4 km’s from the property. The Jana Falls is surrounded by deodar trees, pine trees, apple orchards and spectacular snow-covered mountain peaks. Next, you can go for jeep safari ride to Bijli Mahadev which is an offroad yet enthralling ride of 22 km. The temple is situated in a meadow with lush green forests in the surroundings and the place offers splendid view of Kullu and Paravati valley. It is one of those Homestays that are unexplored and hidden in Kullu that has so much to offer you from best hiking trails to splendid views.
The village “Sour” where the property is located is the last village of Kullu valley. During your stay at this village stay, you are taken to village walk as well where you meet the friendly villagers and will be exposed to their lifestyle, their houses, dresses etc. The hospitality of the villagers reflects the laid-back, friendly spirit, and it stays with you long after you leave and exposes you the village life of the region.
And if you are not in a mood to indulge in adventure then the Homestay fosters a feelings of home—the kind of place you return to year after and still feel the same. The atmosphere is social, whether you’re saddling up for a group trail ride or mingling with guests and locals over drinks in the Homestay’s terrace restaurant. The terrace of the Homestay is one of the grandest and most awe-inspiring wonders in all of Kullu.

To reach ‘The Hippie Home’ you first need to reach Kullu. From Kullu, arrive to the village Kais which is at a distance of 20km. From Village Kais, it takes around 10 km’s to reach the property. As it is a NotOnMap property, one of one NotOnMap folks will guide you to the little heaven.

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