Parondi Hills

Parondi Hills

Near Bharmour

Experience life in the erstwhile capital of the Chamba.
Starts from ₹2499/ Day

Bharmour was the ancient capital of Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh, it is known for its scenic beauty and for its ancient temples, some of the temples are believed to date back to the 10th century. Bharmour and its surrounding areas are believed to belong to lord Shiva, it is popularly spoken of as Shiva Bhumi, abode of lord Shiva. It is situated between the picturesque Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar snow capped peaks, the land is blessed with abundant alpine pastures and is home to nomadic shepherds, known as Gaddi. The foothills of Bharmour are filled with orchards and terraced farmsteads.
Parondi Hills is a beautiful boutique homestay that sits atop a hill. You can truly experience Himalayan life here amongst the majestic 180 degrees views of the snow capped Himalayan peaks.
NotOnMap welcomes you to stay at an authentic, unexplored, and rustic homestay in himachal pradesh where some walls are literally made out of the mountain rock. Experience raw, real, unexplored Himachal.
Feel connected with yourself on a flat mountaintop, sitting in the sun or around a fire, in the midst of the majestic Pir Panjal range.

‘Parondi Hills” is a beautiful homestay. Experience the unseen traditional cultures of the unexplored Himalayas. Stay in a home that has a room that has been carved into the very mountain itself, a treehouse perched in a walnut tree, a traditional Himachali room as well a set of family rooms.
There are a number of designated campfire spots where you can enjoy a warm fire while the sun sets painting the entire sky in shades of pink and violet. Based on your needs you can choose your kind of stay. The kitchen is a beautiful example of traditional Himachali kitchens where a warm fire blazes in the hearth keeping the room a cozy temperature even when it is cold outside. This is where your food will be prepared or you have the option of making your own food.
Parondi Hills is a property that makes you feel aloof from the world and yett takes care of your comforts and wellbeing.

At ‘Parondi Hills’ you will be served local and organic food, with most of the raw material coming from the fields in the valley that lies below the property. Breakfast comprises of fresh local veggies with wheat bread or you can opt to have eggs and bread. Lunch and Dinner will usually be a variety of local vegetables and meats if you are a non vegetarian. You will be served authentic Himachli food at each meal. Go crazy eating the yummy food that tastes even better in the fresh unpolluted mountain air!

There is so much to do while staying in Parondi hills. If you are a history buff then you are in luck, the rich history as well as folklore of the region guarantees that you have some of the best experiences of your life. Bharmour is famous for its temples that date back to the 10th century; you can visit the Bearmani mata temple, to the famous Chaurasi temple complex, or the Dharamraj temple (the only one in the world). If nature is your thing, then you can visit the muleitude of ulnae waterfalls that are accessible by car while some are just a short hike away. There are numerous treks that start from Bharmour, most notably the Manimahesh Trek.
We urge you to call us when you book your stay at Parondi Hills so that we can guide you with the possible things you can do based on your needs and interests.

Bharmour is about 60 kms from Chamba. Chamba is located at a distance of around 600 km from Delhi. The best way to reach Chamba from Delhi is by taking a train to Pathankot, the journey takes close to 10 hours. There are various trains that connect Pathankot to Delhi but the best option is the Jammu Mail, which is a daily train that connects the two destinations. From Pathankot, it is an estimated 7-8 hours drive to Bharmour via Chamba.
The train leaves from Delhi at 8.20 pm and reaches Pathankot by 6.50 am in the morning. Tourists can hire a cab that will usually cost close to INR 12-13 per km. There are also a multitude of buses that run from Pathankot to Bharmour via Chamba, the buses will take slightly longer to reach Bharmour than the taxis.
Once you reach Bharmour, one of our Not On Map local guides can direct you till Parondi Hills.

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