Offbeat Escape

Offbeat Escape

Near Manali

A serene retreat amid nature’s wild glory
Starts from ₹1100/ Day

Visitors come to Manali seeking a secluded escape, and there are few better places to get that away from touristic hustle. Rumsu a small little hamlet hidden in the beauty of Manali is a place to behold. And, in the beautiful village of Rumsu, we at NotOnMap have been able to find a small hamlet at pristine village of Rumsu called ‘Offbeat Escape’.
The rural setting, wooden houses, pristine surroundings and beautiful green meadows make ‘Offbeat Escape’ a serene retreat amid nature’s wild glory.

Rumsu is a charming village with old wooden houses. ‘Offbeat Escape’ is also crafted with wood and clay to give you a complete mountain experience. There are three rooms in the Homestay where each room can easily accommodate 2-3 people. Since, the house is made in old Himachali architecture, therefore they don’t have separate washrooms, and a common washroom is shared by all.
The Homestay would be log-built, rustic as befits its surroundings, yet supremely comfortable with the windows opening up to the view of snow clad mountains of Manali.

Food is the next best thing about ‘Offbeat Escape’. The simple home cooked food blended with lots of love and local spices will make your stay at ‘Offbeat Escape’ a memorable one.
In the breakfast they offer prantha, bread, butter, omelets etc. The lunch and dinner have simple dal, sabzi and roti. And when you are at ‘Offbeat Escape’ don’t forget to ask for their special dish called “Siddu”, which is a delicacy of Manali.

‘Offbeat Escape’ is a serene retreat amid nature’s wild glory, but the experience goes far deeper, offering guests the opportunity to integrate into the local community. Wake up to a fresh air kissing your face while you welcome the morning sun. And, if you have planned to just laze around and have no plans in mind then ‘Offbeat Escape’ is a perfect place to lose yourself in nature. Go out and interact with the villagers sitting in groups and indulge in their village conversations.
Rumsu falls on the way to Manali, so a day tour to Manali, old Manali and Manikaran can also be done. And if you are an enthralling soul, then Chanderkhani trek can also be arranged for you. Views at the top are breathtaking and one can do overnight camping over there.
And whether you prefer to pack your days full of adventure or soak up the exhilarating atmosphere at a more leisurely place, then ‘Offbeat Escape’ is your warm hearth amid the splendor, waiting to welcome you to nature.

If you are coming by Manali, then first reach Naggar which is 20-25 km from Manali. From Naggar to village Rumsu it takes around 5 Km to reach and from Rumsu, one of our NotOnMap folks will be there to take you the best Homestay.

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