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Village stay with 360 degree of mountains view.
Starts from ₹1000/ Day

The ‘Oasis’ is located on a hilltop of Bilaspur, a quaint little town that goes unnoticed by travellers enroute Manali and Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. What makes ‘Oasis’ different from all other valley is its arid climate and topography.
As the name suggest ‘Oasis’ is a water source in a barren land. How is there barren land in Himachal? Due to years topographical and geographical changes, ‘Oasis’ has not seen much vegetation as water was a rare resource here.
As soon as you enter Oasis you start witnessing shrubs, and cactuses which are an unseen sight in this part of India.

Oasis has 3 rooms in a huge ancestral family house. More than a homestay it’s a village stay as the entire family stays, eats and live together which makes it one of the best homestays in India in terms of a rural experience. Washrooms are not attached and one has to walk bit to get there, but you will enjoy the carpet of mist during winters.

Food is mostly organic and home cooked. The family kitchen allows you to savour local cuisine especially Red rice and Rajma Dal. The authentic Himachali ‘Dham’ cuisines are also offered to burst your tongue with Himachali flavours.

From rustic village walks to Paragliding; one can do a lot at the ‘Oasis’. For people who want to fly and experience an adrenaline rush, paragliding at the ‘Oasis’ can be one of the best experiences.This Homestay in Himachal pradesh presents a different side of Himachal to you, a drier side which is worth exploring.

Note:- To reach Oasis is tricky and one can only reach with help of a local Not On Map executive.
But you can reach Bilaspur which is easy.
Travelling in a bus is one of the ways to reach BilasPur (Himachal Pradesh) from Delhi. The total journey between Delhi and BilasPur (Himachal Pradesh) takes around 10 hours in a bus.
You can drive from New Delhi to Bilaspur. It will take you around 5 hour 38 minutes to cover distance of 368.1 Km and reach Bilaspur from New Delhi.
You can travel from Indira Gandhi Airport to Chandigarh by booking a flight. The total flight time between Indira Gandhi Airport & Chandigarh is around 50 minutes.You can also take a car from Chandigarh to Bilaspur. It will take you around 2 hour to cover distance of 124.9 Km and reach Bilaspur from Chandigarh.

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